A definite re-visit in the Summer!(Picnic) Tisbury to Fonthill Gifford Lake Hike - Feb 2022

Our Hike yesterday was another Komoot walk - 7.75miles 3 hours (19,900 steps!!!:-))

We had previously visited this area when we did the Old Wardour Castle Hike, as we had to drive through Fonthill and Tisbury. We therefore looked for a hike that was in this area. We were not disappointed! The weather was not fantastic on the day, Rachel had checked out the weather forecast, and the weather looked to be better to the South West of us which confirmed our decision to head that way.

We parked up in Tisbury just off the High Street at the top of the hill about 100yds from the Start of the walk. We picked up the Hike and crossed over the road and headed down a small lane towards the fields ahead. It had been wet previously, so the tracks were fairly muddy and slippery, not quite enough for wellies, but good walking shoes/boots with good grip were an advantage.

We then climbed a small hill up onto a farmers field, were the track skirts the top end of the field. You pass a small bench in front of a hedgerow and turn left down a hill, again following a farmers field. at the bottom, you turn right and follow the track down through some woods until you finally come out at the Weir to the bottom of the lake.

From here we back-tracked a little to pick up the route, but were glad to take to slight detour to go and see the Weir and the beautiful view of the lake. The route then travelled up through the woods and out onto a large open field with some fantastic views.

To the end of this field you pass through a gate to the right which leads you towards an Estate in the distance (Private - lots of signage stating No Right of Way) you come to the top of the track and turn right away from the Estate heading down to a white Entrance Gate. Turn left and head up a tarmac road, through a small village and turn left at the top of a small hill. Here you climb a long gradual hill and then along the top of the ridge with again fantastic views down into the valley and towards the Lake.

The Track then takes you back down hill towards a farm/dairy which you pass through and out onto the main road. Turn left and go past the Cafe - Bird and Carter. This leads you to the main entrance Archway into the Lake area and Grounds.

The Route then sticks to the Tarmac road all the way through the grounds. We did deviate from the route half way to pick up a small track that follows the lake.

It takes you down towards the Weir, were you pass a gate, turn immediately right up a hill and back to a main road, turn right again and down to the exit of the lake road (Original route). The Beckford Arms is opposite at the crossroads. Cross the road up by the side of the Beckford Arms, up the hill for around 600yds, take the track to the left and follow the track all the way back towards Tisbury.

The Hike was enjoyable to us as there were not too many sections on the Tarmac roads which are not on our most favourite list! This Hike would be amazing on a Summers day. There were some hills to climb but were gradual and gravel tracks so easy if you take your time. Parts of the route were very muddy and a bit slippery. We did have to veer off the track to the sides on occasions where the mud would have been a bit too much to walk through.

Please check out the Youtube videos of our walks (At the top of the Home page) along with out Facebook Group.

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