Burley - The New Forest. The Swamp Things................

Komoot walk 6.94 miles in 2 1/2hrs captured using a Nikon D610 and on video using the DJI Action 2. Please see Youtube link here

What we hoped was going to be a Fantastic Hike on a Bright February Morning turned out to be not one of our better choices. We spent a long time deciding on this walk and being in the New Forest which is always a lovely place to visit, and Burley being a lovely place to go. The Hike would have been amazing if it was not for the amount of groundwater. At least half of the walk we spent zig zagging back and forth trying to find a dry safe route. We ended up very wet and muddy much to the amusement of Rachel when i sank up to me knees and fell flat on my face!!!

On a positive note, i would definitely do the walk again in the Summer. I would suggest anyone wishing to try this walk uses the phone app for the GPS as a lot of the tracks were simply not there and we had to rely of following the App to try and pick up the route.

The Hike started in the centre of Burley and was an excellent starting and finishing point. Perfect for a tea and cake at the end!

The route starts down a track to the side of the Cider Cafe and out onto the Moors. There were plenty of the New Forest Ponies on the walk who did not seem to mind us bumbling our way through their home.

This was an easy hike apart from the ground conditions without too many hills to climb. As i mentioned earlier, we did struggle to keep to the route as the tracks simply did not exist. The trusty Iphone and komoot App kept us on track.

I imagine that there are plenty of routes in the New Forest that follow more accessible tracks. we did persevere and managed to get through the worst of the boggy conditions.

Rachel carefully trying to find a dry route out of the boggy conditions....this just after i had sunk and fallen over. Some might think i was hoping to catch Rachel sinking also!!!!!!!! Not me.......promise.

This sign was towards the end of the walk!!!!

I do not want to sound too negative, it was just the wet ground conditions that were a challenge. it was a beautiful place to visit and highly recommended., on a Dry Day!!!

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