Edington Priory - Coulston Deer Park and the Imber Village Perimeter Track, and Some Mucky Boots!

This was another Komoot walk - A 7mile Hike that takes up onto the Salisbury Plain perimeter Track

The Hike begins at the Priory Car park In Eddington. (N.B Toilets in the Carpark!) And takes you along the back lanes through Edington and through some farmers fields towards Coulston. This was when I wish I was wearing wellies or high boots with Gaiters, as we had to cross a cattle field that had been well trodden and due to the weather was fairly muddy. Muddier that i thought. it ended up to just below my knees and as I stepped forward and sank, the momentum made me have to walk forward, so both feet sinking into the mud. I eventually managed to get out to find that below the knees on both legs i was caked in thick dark mud which was an excellent way to start a 7 mile walk.

One of the culprits of the Mucky Boots Saga!

Once I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to complete the Hike in this state, we then made our way into Coulston and into the Deer Park. The route takes you through the center of the Park, to a gated entrance. You then cross the main road to a stile opposite. From here its a fairly long climb up a high heading towards the Salisbury Plain Perimeter Track

You come to the Imber Path Track first, which you cross straight over into a open valley ahead. This rises slowly up in front to the Salisbury Plain Ridge Track

Once at the top of the ridge path its an easy gravel track along to the Imber Village Military Entrance (Closed most of the year)

Once you get to the Gate house you turn right heading towards Edington Airstrip and then downhill hill back towards the village.

In the distance you can see Westbury and there is a nice little bench to rest and take in the views

This is where Rachel came across the best Blackberry Bushes on our walks around that time and probably the last of the Fresh Blackberry crumbles when we got home!

A thoroughly enjoyable walk, apart from the Muddy Boots and trousers.......and would highly recommend it.

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