Fyfield - Devils Den. A complete delight and full of surprises.

A 7.78mile Komoot Hike from Fyfield- Manton near Marlborough Wilts.

We decided to do this Hike the day after the Hike that we did in the New Forest that was not one of our best. It was also another 7 miler so we were a bit dubious that we might end up exhausted come Sunday night.

The hike starts at a free car park 1 mile north of the A4 Bath Road West of Marlborough adjacent to Manton House. This being a home to Race Horse trainers. The walk does skirt some of the training circuits and there are views of the paddocks and Manages.

The Hike turns off to left across the Downs with spectacular panoramic views. We shortly came across the Devils Den, a Dolmen Burial Chamber. To visit the site you do have to veer from the route down the hill, and then retrace your path back up the hill. We did decide to take the easy option and send the drone off to get a closer view!!!:-)

Once we left the hilltop by the Devils den, we headed down a slight hill towards the valley, what we did not know, we saw the vast vista of rocks ahead. We later searched the area to discover that they are Sarsen Stones, post Glacial. and one of the largest known assemblages and also known as the Grey Wethers.

Heading towards the Sarsen Stones.

The route then leads up to the top of a hill and crosses a race track, on the opposite side leading towards The Ridgeway.

Heading towards The Ridgeway - known to be Britains Oldest Road, with the Cherhill Monument just about visible in the distance.

We kept the Ridgeway for approximately 1- 11/2 miles and then turned back on ourselves and along a Bridleway which was somewhat muddy, into a woods, also muddy! this is where we came across a small derelict building surrounded by Snowdrops.

once we got through the woods, it opened out onto the downs again and we could see blue skies and sunshine again. This lead down back towards Manton House and the Racehorse training Centre. We did not see any racehorses on that day, Sunday day of rest we assumed.

Please see Youtube video of the Hike also Here along with some of our other hikes.

We would thoroughly recommend this Hike to everyone, especially on a dry and sunny day, the views are stunning. The Sarsen rocks are something i have never seen before also.

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