Little Pond Loop from Cadley - 2 Deer and Mucky puddles. I thought we were in a Peppa Pig Story

Komoot standard walk 6.5 miles in 2h 6mins - video in Youtube link taken with DJI Action 2, Photos from my Nikon D610.

This walk was a last minute decision to get out this weekend whilst the weather was dry, and Sunday was threatening rain. Turned out wet on Sunday, so wise choice!!!

The walk starts in Cadley just South of Marlborough on the A346. It takes you through the Savernake forest and past Tottenham Court house, out towards Wootton Rivers along the Avon Canal and back up to Cadley.

The start to the Hike was rather frustrating as the path showing on the App did not existing in real life, we therefore had to cross some rough ground just to pick up the track. This was only for around 100yds and we soon found it. The track was pretty muddy all the way through the Savernake. 2 Deer ran straight out in front of us across our path, the video camera not on at the time doh!!!! We later found out from a fellow walker we met, that they have started breeding Pheasants and carrying out shoots in the area, this churning up the tracks with all the vehicles now being used. Some good waterproof walking shoes and 5 mins banging them out at the end sorted us out!!

The start of the walk through the Savernake takes you up along a straight track with 100ft tall, 200 year old Monument vista dominating your view on the horizon. A Tribute to Capability Brown and also commemorates the recovery from illness of King George lll. Once at the Monument, if you pass around the back, you can see the long tree lined avenue that leads straight to Tottenham Court House. (Unfortunately covered in scaffolding and tarpaulin at the time)

The walk then circles around the forest until you come out directly in from of Tottenham Court House with views back up to the Monument

From here, you travel down towards the Avon Canal where you turn right immediately after crossing the Railway line and the canal just before a small group of cottages. This track follows the railway line and then passes through an underpass and down to the canal. Here you follow a narrow track along towards Wootton Rivers, you leave the canal at Cadley lock and turn right up the hill and back to the car.

A fairly easy Hike without too many climbs or descents. We also finished just in time as it began to rain when we got home.

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