Norton St Philip - Another Muddy Puddle Day.

Komoot walk again, captured on a DJI Action 2. 6.8miles with 3 miles of bogs!!

This Hike turned out to be yet another Muddy Slippery wet day. We also failed to realise that it incorporated part of a previous walk that we did in Hinton Charterhouse. Also, that part being a long slow hill climb that we did not particularly enjoy the first time :-) We did however, manage to complete the climb a bit quicker and easier than the first time, we must be getting fitter!!!!!

The hike started adjacent to the The George Inn at Norton St Philip. I think that the komoot App had us parking in the Pub Carpark. We however, do not agree with using a pub carpark if we are not planning to use that pub at all. We found a parking space on the main road. Walking to rear of the carpark did afford a lovely view of the Church about.

The walk takes you North out of the Village up the Bath Road. After a hundred yards or so, you cross the road and pass through a gate to an open field. Heading North East to the far corner of the field towards a pair of cottages. The path takes you through a gate in the corner and up a gravel track towards a crossroads. Here you take a left turn again through a field continuing in a Northerly direction. This is where the Mud started!!! Nobody can control the weather, and we should have opted for the wellies, lessons learnt.

The route ended up heading towards Hinton Charterhouse. A lovely village which we hade visited before, as mentioned earlier.

After passing through the village we headed West and then Southwards down through the Woods to where we met the Hill that we had climbed once before by Norton Lane. This track took us up towards Baggeridge Hill and a lovely converted Barn called The Granary. Passing down the track for approximately 600yds before we turned left through a gate and heading straight back towards Norton St Philip that was at the opposite side of a deep valley ahead of us. Again we had to contend with the Muddy Tracks. The main issue was ensuring that we did not slip over and fall flat on our faces.

The tracks slowly meandered their way back up to the rear of the Church and over the village green to the George Inn Pub.

When we finally reached the Inn, we passed through a narrow alleyway and we entered the Inn's Courtyard where i found a sign with my Namesake on, not sure if we are related!!!!!! (Judge Jefferies)

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