Shearwater via Heavens Gate Jan 2022

Updated: Jan 25

This weekends Hike took us to Shearwater near Longleat and Centre Parks in Wiltshire.(I did adapt this walk from a shorter one on the website) A 7.34 mile walk which said 3h14mins, we however completed the walk in 2hr45mins! The little leg to the right of the Map, we did not follow as that was down to the Café at Shearwater, which we believed was closed anyway.

The weather was dry and a little of the fresh side. We started at the Nockatt Coppice Car park along the road from the Longleat and Centre Parks main entrances. The Hike then took us over the road and into the woods. We did decide to take a small detour from the walk up to Heavens gate to see the Longleat main House in the distance. (Please forgive the photo quality, original file too large!)

This area would be fantastic in the summer for a picnic, although probably extremely busy.

We then continued on the Hike which took us down towards Horningsham and on towards Shearwater. We did decide to take a slight detour through some bracken, May not of been the best idea we had!!!!!! we did manage to get through in the end having been spooked by several Pheasants taking flight around us.

We arrived at Shearwater which again would be stunning in the summer but was still a fantastic setting.

From there it was a trek back up hill through the woods, until we came to the perimeter of Centre Parks at one of the steepest hills we have ever seen!!!! fortunately not for long, but what goes up must come down, and the other side was a bit muddy and slippery. So i would suggest that this walk needs a shore foot and good grip to your footwear. I took a bit of the slip on the way down and had to hang on to the camera hanging around my neck. Once at the bottom, we picked up the gravel path that took us back to the car park.

It was an enjoyable walk, and easy to follow, there was quite a lot of walking on the roads from Horningsham to Shearwater which is not a favourite of ours, we do tend to prefer the off-road walks. The lake was a nice respite half way around. (Perfect for a breather and some nibbles)

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