Today's little adventure took us to Ramsbury between Marlborough and Hungerford.

Todays little Hike was thoroughly enjoyable, the blue skies and sunshine had something to do with that i am sure! a 6mile walk that we found once again on Komoot. It followed gravel tracks for the most of the walk, so was very easy to follow. There were no big hills to climb, just some gradual slopes.

The Walk takes in the Littlecote Roman Villa an an ornate ceramic mosaic floor that is undercover, and just before half way around the walk.

At the far end of the walk you come to Littlecote House, a stunning Warner Hotel, here you turn right up to another track where we turned right again and headed back along the Southern end of the walk.

The only slight criticism of the walk is the middle section where we had to pick up the route taken earlier and repeat a small section. You pass a lovely riverside cottage and then veer to the left instead of straight ahead to the Roman Villa that we had already done.

Parts of the walk were a bit muddy, so in the winter months, some sturdy footwear would be recommended......

Please check out the Youtube videos of our walks (At the top of the Home page) along with out Facebook Group.

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